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5.5" Square Bowls (Pack of 25)

5.5" Square Bowls (Pack of 25)

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Areca palm leaf eco friendly disposable plates - 5.5" square bowls perfect for indoor and outdoor parties, festivals, BBQ, catering, events and weddings. These products are great for both hot and cold foods.

Raw materials

Fallen Areca Leaves

Product Feature

100% Natural and Plastic Free

Home Compostable

Suitable to use in Microwave and Refrigerator

Zero Waste

 No Dyes, Toxins or Chemicals

Environmental Impact

These disposable leaf plates are eco friendly and sustainable replacement to single use plastic. The entire manufacturing process consumes a little energy with a substantially low carbon footprint. Zero chemicals are used to manufacture these products.

Country of Origin


Product and Packaging Disposal

Naturally biodegradable and compostable at home. It will break down and naturally diminish over time if disposed of into kitchen or yard waste containers. This process is extremely efficient than recycling. The nutrient rich compost serves as a fertiliser for plants. 

We are proactively looking for a compostable outer covering for our products but it has been challenging to find the suitable material. The plastic has been used for exterior covering to maintain the product quality, but it is recyclable at suitable industrial recycling centres.

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